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Standing Gas Engine

The standing gas engine has a large flywheel which makes for easy starting. With the patented piezo high voltage ignition it can be operated at very slow rotation speeds.

In using propane or butane gas (lighter gas) as fuel this model is especially low in emissions and therefore the ideal "indoor engine”.

The engine’s open construction design allows for a clear view of mechanical operations. Two long exhaust pipes produce a pleasant sound.

This model engine is assembled with a gas tank on a mounting board as a unit. It consists for the most part of ground, anodised aluminium and nickel plated brass parts which give the engine a high quality, detailed appearance.

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assembly instructions and technical drawings (PDF)
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ready to use complete engine € 405
model standing gas engine MM-3
rotation speed control via valve on the gas tank
crank shaft 3-fold ball bearing mounted
cylinder capacity 1.5 cm³
rotation speed 200–1,500 rpm
running time 40 min/tankful (idling mixture)
flywheel diameter 123 mm
ignition piezo high voltage ignition
lubrication felt lubrication in the cylinder
height × width × length 250 mm × 150 mm × 180 mm
weight 2,200 g