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Single Cylinder Thermal Engine

The engine is mounted with the gas tank on a base plate and is started by turning the flywheel. Base plate and motor are made of black anodised aluminium.

To start the engine, it must be preheated. After a short time the open flame goes out and the catalytic converter takes over the heating.

(This a machine translation.)

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assembly instructions and technical drawings (PDF)
the price includes the VAT
kit € 285
ready to use complete engine € 298
model Single Cylinder Thermal Engine MM-8
rotation speed control via tank volve
crank shaft ball bearing mounted
cylinder capacity 1.0 cm³
rotation speed 3,000 rpm
ignition piezo high voltage ignition
running time 10 min/tankful
height × width × length 150 mm × 85 mm × 170 mm
weight 500 g