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Steam Turbine

The turbine functions in a similar manner to a gas turbine or jet engine. The working substance is, however, water. The turbine has a pump and vaporiser.

A condenser is fixed below the turbine along with an acrylic glass water container at atmospheric pressure. The gas burner is above the turbine.

Operating Principle: Water is pumped into the turbine by its own rotation. A smooth, 1 mm thick layer of water forms in the upper part of the vaporiser which is in contact with the upper turbine wall. This wall is heated by the gas burner which causes the enclosed water to evaporate. Pumping and evaporation occur simultaneously.

Steam flowing against centrifugal force towards the centre of rotation is conducted through a duct to the periphery of the turbine and flows out via drive nozzles. The steam is then conducted through a canal condenser and the water forming flows back into the water container.

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ready to use complete engine € 1150
model gas steam turbine MM-1
rotation speed control via tank valve
turbine shaft 2-fold ball bearing mounted
rotation speed 3,000–6,000 rpm
running time 10 min/tankful (idling mixture)
water content 300 ml lime-free water
tachometer digital
temperature meter digital
height × width × length 200 mm × 200 mm × 300 mm
weight 2,200 g