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Four Stroke Gas Engine

The four stroke gas engine is classically constructed with a bottom-mounted camshaft powered by gearwheels which operate valves via a ram, push rod and rocker arm.

A large flywheel with a flange-mounted ripcord-wheel facilitates comfortable and secure starting.

The gasification, i.e. the blending of gas and air, is achieved via a user-controlled carburettor. The desired rotation speed is adjusted via a lever.

This reduced emission engine with a piezo high voltage ignition is very quiet and even at high rotation speeds produces a pleasant sound.

The engine consumes fuel economically and thanks to the open construction design displays a very satisfactory sequence of piston, crosshead, push rods and rocker arms in motion.

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ready to use complete engine € 660
model four stroke gas engine MM-4
rotation speed control via carburettor
crank shaft 3-fold ball bearing mounted
cylinder capacity 1.5 cm³
rotation speed 200–2,500 rpm
ignition piezo high voltage ignition
running time 40 min/tankful (idling mixture)
height × width × length 220 mm × 120 mm × 180 mm
weight 2,300 g