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Rotary Engine

The rotary engine generates with its 4-cylinder in 4-stroke process per revolution 4 work cycles and the 4 pistons move on an oval circular path around an axis.

The axle has inlet and outlet ports that control fuel delivery.

The engine is mounted on a baseplate with a gas tank and the speed of the engine can be regulated with the gas valve on the tank.

The engine has a piezo ignition and is started with a cable.

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assembly instructions and technical drawings (PDF)
the price includes the VAT
kit € 459
ready to use complete engine € 499
model four stroke gas engine MM-10
rotation speed control via tank volve
cylinder capacity 4 × 2 cm³
rotation speed 500–2.000 rpm
ignition piezo high voltage ignition
running time 15 min/tankful
height × width × length 130 mm × 110 mm × 190 mm
weight 1,700 g