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Opposed-piston engine

Opposed-piston engines were mainly built in the 30- 50s. The British Deltic and the Junkers aircraft engines were particularly interesting constructions.

Newer designs are OPOC, Goole, Pinnacle, Achates Power, Laukötter among others. Almost all engines were, or are, two-stroke diesel engines.

The presented model engine is a four-stroke engine with two cylinders and crankshafts which are connected by a toothed belt. The pistons run opposite to each other and therefore run smoothly.

Thanks to hardened pistons and cylinder liners the engine needs little lubrication; lighter gas is used as fuel and therefore the engine is almost free of exhaust gases.

The piezoelectric ignition is driven by the camshaft or flywheel shaft.

The start takes place by rotation of the flywheel.

The engine consists largely of anodized aluminum and nickel-plated brass.

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ready to use complete engine € 760
model opposed-piston engine MM-7
rotation speed control via valve on the gas tank
crank shaft 2-fold ball bearing mounted
cylinder capacity twice 1.5 cm³
rotation speed 300–1,500 rpm
ignition piezo high voltage ignition
running time 10 min/tankful (idling mixture)
height × width × length 180 mm × 230 mm × 140 mm
weight 3,400 g